Congratulations to Luke Humphries, the new number one in darts 🥳 A awesome final, thank you for that 😊
Thank you Russ Bray 🎯

I wish you a Merry Christmas 🎅 I currently finish decorating my Christmas tree 🎄 I hope you will enjoy Christmas Eve 2023 🎁

Football / Soccer training 2 times a week doesn't substitute regular stamina training. This is the proof. 10 km in 1 h failed. So keep running!

Dult 2022
After 2 Years without any Party and Fun we are able to celebrate our small Oktoberfest in Regensburg 🎉

Die Eisbären Regensburg sind Meister und Aufsteiger 2021/22! Hammer Spiel, hammer PlayOffs! Auf geht's in die DEL2.

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